The Pair together

B. Gordon Berry and Dr. Apocalypse where a pair of demons, they traveled the world, possing as a traveling wreseler and his manager.


Together they traveled, moving from town to town, taking on anyone who was brave enough to face Dr Apocalypse. Touring in places like Kanses city, each time getting closer to the apocalypse and causing signs of it to emerge.

By the time they got to plesantville, Dr Apocaplyse had won six hundered and sixty three victories, TnT decided to face him.

Apocaplyse wiped the floor with them, and won up to his Six hundered and sixty fifth victory, one away from his goal, Based on there appearances and the signs of the apocalyse, the gang deduced the two's motives and Tommy took them on.

After a very close battle, Tommy was able to defeat apocaplyse, causing him to be destroyed. Angered that all there hard work was ruined, B. Gordan Berry decended back down into the underworld, wondering whay he was going to do with all his doctor apocaplyse merchantdice.


Doctor Apocalypse looked like an ordinary, muscular wreseler, only he had a white face with black cracks, B. Gordon Berry, looked like an ordianary man, wearing a grey suit, only he had two demonic horns sticking out the top of his head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Doctor Apocalypse possed superhuman strength, and durabillity, enough to take on Tommy, he was also well trained in wreseling and a great fighter.

B. Gordon Berry, never showed any of these powers, and was shown to be no tougher than a mere mortal, he could however desend into the underworld at will.

Together the two of them could harness Apocaplyse's victories, to bring natural disasters, and other signs of the apocaplyse, if they got sixhundered and sixty six victories, they could bring forth the apocalypse and destroy the earth.