Season 3, episode 12.

The plot section contains spoilers.



Pop Culture ReferencesEdit


A human/wolf hybrid whose transformation is triggered by strong emotions or the full moon.
  • Tamantula
Part tarantula, part man. May or may not exist.


  • Fang Guard
  • Silver Butter Knife
  • "Unbreakable" Titanium Restraints
  • Silver Nitrate-filled Silly Soakers


Tommy is a little annoyed with his life. He can't come to the pep rally because it's on a full moon, and the coach says if he misses another practice, he's off the team. He thinks to himself that he wishes he had never become the werewolf. All of a sudden, things become still for a moment, and when they start moving again, Chuck Freeman's picture is up as head quarterback where his picture is supposed to be.

He spots Lori and asks her why Chuck is in the picture. She acts like she doesn't really know who he is, but explains that the picture is of Chuck because he's the starting quarterback. It turns out, in the alternate reality, Tommy got injured before football season even started.

Tommy is a little weirded out, so he goes to find Merton. Merton is in the Gothic Fantasy Guild room, as well as an unnamed girl. Merton acts like he doesn't know Tommy either and gets pretty creeped out. Just as Tommy's feeling confused and alone, he finds his old friend Jenny is still his friend. In fact, they're apparently both in the drama club! Tommy is going to be Danny Zuko in a high school production of Grease.

Tommy goes to the lair that night to prove to Merton he's a werewolf, only to end up proving that he isn't one anymore. He's amazed, and sits in the park to reflect when he notices a guy stealing from a house. He tells the theif to stop, only to find out the guy is the new Pleasantville Werewolf.

He explains to Merton the next morning that it's like someone took his place, which is when he figures out that the werewolf must be Chuck too. The two prove it, and Tommy tries to convince Lori, who is Chuck's girlfriend, not to go out with him that night.

Chuck reveals his lycanthropy to Lori via the full moon and Tommy and Merton are ready, armed with silver nitrate-filled Silly Soakers. Chuck manages to get away, leaving Tommy for dead. However, since Chuck had bitten Tommy, the werewolf bite acted as "supernatural CPR" and brought him back to life.

In the second fight with Chuck, Chuck is defeated, and Tommy comes to accept that becoming the werewolf is his destiny. Upon this realization, everything rights itself.

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