A spoof of Baywatch. Tommy has a Babewatch poster both in his room and inside his head.

Babewatch Poster

Chucky's in da HouseEdit

Dr. JeckylEdit

A movie poster on the wall of the Rialto in Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville.

Dragon MasterEdit

Another poster from inside Tommy's head. It appears to be for a kung fu movie.

Dragon Master Poster


A movie poster from the Rialto in Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville. The poster says, "Adrenaline rush and raw passion. That's what they live for."


A 3-D movie about a man with needles for a mouth, and the name of the main character. Merton read in Fangoria magazine that the needles for the movie were made of rubber. While he may not be Merton's greatest fear, he was the fear freshest in his mind when the Phobiist came to call in Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville.

Needlemouth has a touching reunion with his father in the movie, and then eats him.

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