Lori Baxter is a pretty tough Irish-American girl. She started out at Pleasantville Catholic, in a uniform Merton Dingle certainly appreciated, and after getting expelled for damage a ghost did, she began going to Pleasantville High.

She aids Tommy in many fights with her kick-boxing, which she has won at least 2 medals for in tournaments. Her own dad is in the military, so she lived in a couple different places growing up, including Okinawa, Japan. She has 4 older brothers that she has been pile-driving since she was very young.

She figures out Tommy is a werewolf, is tricked into believing she was wrong about that, and then, by chance, finds out she was right all along. She has a fascination with Tommy's werewolf form, even mentioning that she thinks it's kind of hot. For a while at the beginning of their friendship, she tries to get him to wolf out as much as possible. Even though dances aren't really her thing, she goes to the Fall Formal with Tommy.

She stands up for Merton sometimes when he won't do it himself. She can be very sympathetic to lonely people, as seen in Butch is Back, She Will, She Will Rock You, and Switch Me Baby One More Time. But when someone wrongs her, she's ready to kick their butt.

She has a horrible singing voice, but she helps Merton act out his plays. She thinks little puppies are cute and loves Merton's snake Rasputin. She's a pretty crazy driver. She seems to get jealous of a lot of the girls who date Merton. Then again, most of the girls who date Merton are just using him.

She feels a large amount of guilt about the death of her ex-boyfriend Rob, who had an accident after they fought and she told him she never wanted to see him again. On their anniversary, she tried to send him a message saying she was sorry. She was also kind of a sucker for him, even though he was a two-timing liar.

It is ausumed that She may have two tattoos. Lori goes to Havermill College, a women's college not too far from State University, where Tommy and Merton end up going.


  • All episodes of seasons 2 and 3

This character is played by Aimée Castle.



  • Kick-boxing
  • Jackie Chan movies
  • Ewan McGregor


Interested in HerEdit


She also seems to get jealous of anyone Merton dates.


  • Heights
  • Public Speaking