Margaret is an intense freshman girl who has a large crush on Merton Dingle. She's a part of his club, the Gothic Fantasy Guild. She is a big help for him in his campaign for Gothic Fantasy Guild president, even though he loses to Allister Black. She also becomes his assistant in Don't Fear the Reaper for Romeo and Juliet on Planet Memnon and helps write down all the script changes.

She is a redhead with no place to sit at lunch, glasses, and, at one point, headgear. Becky is very mean to her, but Merton defends her. Merton has to break her heart, but he makes sure she knows they're still friends. He even says she reminds him of himself when he was a freshman.

Merton won't return her advances because there are three years between them, and he is a little grossed out when she explains that her dad is 10 years older than her mom. Her intensity also weirds him out a little, as she reads his diary, breaks into his locker, and borrows some of his CDs without asking. She means no harm, though. She's just intense.


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The name Margaret is English for "pearl".