Stuart Dunleavy is the werewolf who bit Tommy Dawkins. He eats every primate from marmosets to humans, and other types of animals like sloths and aardvarks, and was about to snack on some cub scouts when he thought he could make something out of Tommy. He threatens to eat Merton. He gives off a very creepy predator vibe, which may or may not have a sexual aspect to it.

An '80s dance is coming up at the school. Stu loves '80s pop culture, and when he substitutes for their teacher, Mrs. Reese, he lectures them about it, mainly because he's not a real substitute. He's listed on the fake teachers list on the site run by the National Education Network. Merton also finds out that in every city Dunleavy has ever taught, there has been a zoo break-in, which includes a town named Pittsburgh.

He has Werewolf Pattern Baldness and has a handful of friends outside of Pleasantville that he goes marlin fishing with. He workshopped at off-Broadway. He watches David Letterman. He enjoys Pizza Palace pizza with sausage and mushrooms.

After Tommy starts to rebel agianst Dunleavy, Dunleavy threatens to kill Merton. At an 80's dance, He show's up dressed as Darth Vader. He and Tommy decide to settle things and later a fight erupts between them. After revealing that he was the werewolf who bit Tommy, Tommy overpowers but does not kill Dunleavy. The defeated werewolf leaves Pleasantville and isn't seen agian for the rest of the series.


Stuart Dunleavy is played by Richard Zemon. The actor is not actually in the Pilot, though the character would had to have been.